INtheMomentCREATIVE: Blog en-us (C) Julie Poteet Robertson (INtheMomentCREATIVE) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:41:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:41:00 GMT INtheMomentCREATIVE: Blog 120 86 Shaken and Still Stiring! Well it has certainly been a week that will not be forgotten in Napa ever, but the resilience that has risen from the rubble in the Valley has been palpable! Neighbors helping neighbors, businesses helping businesses vintners helping vintners. It is a bright and refreshing "about face" from the overly self-involved social and political climates of late.

Yesterday morning was absolutely gorgeous her, so I set out with camera in hand to capture a bit of what remains unrattled by the earthquakes and capture the grapes still on the vines before they are picked for the new vintage!

With copters still overhead I realized why the heck those news teams were still hanging around days after the initial shake. It is absolutely sublime up here and they were getting paid to be here. For those of you who aren't covering the grand event or don't live here, come on up! Come up and support our businesses, or better yet, come up and indulge yourselves. The ground has stopped shaking, Napa Valley is still as beautiful and sensory as ever, the community is grateful and rallying, and the weather's fine!


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Evolution Realized!
The merging of my passion for photography, design and brand marketing has resulted in the launch of my IN the Moment Custom Brand Merchandise business!!!  Note cards, posters, t-shirts, magnets, coasters... whatever! Here's the promo...

Wine Country businesses can now generate incremental sales as they send off their guests/customers with tangible memories of their wineries, restaurants or businesses.

Visitors to the sensory and savory wine country are always eager to take home something special to remind them of their rich experience and their most favorite brands. Beautiful imagery that highlights your brand’s distinction, both reignites great memories of their visit with you, and supports their growing relationship with your business. Visuals that have artistic value often find themselves into visitors’ home decor, even further reinforcing their valued connection with you.

Julie Robertson's rich designs are an elegant way to express your brand, products and/or location in a fresh, new and engaging way while holding true to your established brand standards.

Our pricing structure allows you to quickly add incremental tasting room/merchandise sales while reinforcing your brand relationships. The value of your custom design can be optimized as the artwork extends easily beyond traditional retail merchandising into event invitations, wine club extras, corporate gift-giving and promotion.

With a creative brand marketing background and a passion to delight visually, Julie is inspired to ignite and benefit wine country brands in an exciting and bold new way!

Call me and let's create something fun and profitable around your brand! 707 227 7567


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Passions Collide! Photography... Graphics... Beautiful Details! This weekend I spent some beautiful time in the right side of my brain exploring and playing. Alas, I am re-inspired and loving the results and am excited to see where this might lead me in my great evolving creative career.

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Portraits for the Holidays! The energy of the valley seems to wind down about this time of year, but as the days shorten and the vines begin their dormancy, the valley has a unique and austere beauty. Take advantage of the beautiful fall lighting and the color still left on the vines just in time for holiday cards and gift giving. Give me a call if you would like to schedule an appointment 707 227 7567.

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Summer's Bounty Just took an sensory trip to my favorite farm stand... Big Ranch Farms on Big Ranch Road North of Trancas. Picked up some of summer's bounty and was very glad I had my camera with me! 


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Experience is what life is all about! Live it AND capture it!


I am incredibly excited and proud to announce a new venture that brings together all of the bits of living that absolutely light me up!

Rich life experience... human connection... sensory stimulation... and provocative imagery. 

Introducing IN the Moment Experience Photography!

In the living of a creative life, I have chosen to reside in locations that inspire and feed me visually, and Northern California Wine Country is no exception! As I have journeyed through life, I have also come to understand the absolute value of being present, especially when you are engaged in something that turns you on, interests or inspires you.

Wine Country experiences in particular, are deliciously sensory, captivatingly engaging and richly educational! Hiring an Experience Photographer allows you to stay focused on fully enjoying your adventure and then, remember and relive it forever.

Schedule an adventure, give me a call, and let's go explore!

Julie Robertson, Experience Photographer

Personal Travel/Tours/Occasions
Corporate Travel/Tours/Events/Team-building




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